Corporate Social Responsibility

Regency takes its Corporate Social Responsibility extremely seriously. We actively support a number of charities and are keen to support staff serving the community or continuing to  serve their country in the Reserve forces. The company also ensures that staff will not lose out financially whilst participating in any of these serves or in performing other civic duties such as being summoned for Jury Service.

Regency encourages all staff to take an active role in relevant professional bodies, such as the British Computer Society, IISP, CIPD etc. Regency staff members have in the past acted as BCS Ambassadors and we are delighted to sponsor an annual Information Systems course, run by the Royal School of Signals.

As with our parent company Airbus, Regency is totally aware of our wider responsibilities towards the environment. The company adheres where possible to its Environmental Policy, which all staff are required to read and are encouraged to adhere to.