Corporate Social Responsibility

Regency regards Corporate Social Responsibility as more than just a trendy catch-phrase.

Regency is proud to be associated with charities, both local and national. We actively support The Pied Piper Appeal, which was established in 1992 to improve the lives of sick children in Gloucestershire and have also sponsored a fund-raising golf tournament in aid of Help for Heroes. We encourage all our staff to take part in fund-raising activities for charities and the Directors are always ready to consider requests for sponsorship.

Regency actively supports members of staff who serve the community in other ways, for example by volunteering their time as magistrates or serving in the Territorial/Reserve forces. The company also ensures that staff will not lose out financially if they are summoned for Jury Service.

Regency encourages all our staff to take an active role in relevant professional bodies, such as the British Computer Society. Regency staff members have acted as BCS Ambassadors, talking to school children about the wide range of opportunities offered by a career in IT. Regency is also delighted to sponsor an annual Information Systems course, run by the Royal School of Signals.

Although we are not a manufacturing company, Regency is nevertheless keenly aware of our wider responsibilities towards the environment. The company publishes a wide-ranging Environmental/ Sustainability Policy, which all staff are required to read and encouraged to contribute to.