Business Change

Business Change is vital if organisations are to compete effectively in a changing world. However, such change needs to be tackled from a clear understanding of the outcomes being sought. Only when this understanding is achieved, can the outputs, products or deliverables required, together with the processes and activities needed to deliver those outputs, be defined.

Project and Programme Management, together with Business Change Management, support moving an organisation from a current state (how things are done today), through a transition state to a desired future state (how things will be done tomorrow). Project and Programme management focuses on the tasks to achieve project requirements. Change Management focuses on the people impacted by the change.

Regency can provide experienced, skilled consultants, who are qualified and practiced in the appropriate methodologies including: Project Management; Programme Management; Management of Risk and Programme Management Office.

Regency believes that our Project and Programme Management practice can provide the skilled resources needed to successfully assist in the delivery of internal and external change.

Our consulting philosophy is that successful business change depends on success in three key areas:

  • Managing the benefits
  • Managing the risks
  • Managing communications