Project Management Office

A Programme/Project Management Office (PMO) provides a range of direct support services to an organisation engaged in the management of either a large project or a programme of projects.

The best type is specific to the organisation, culture, and history of what works and what does not. The objectives are to:

  1. Implement a common methodology
  2. Standardise terminology
  3. Introduce effective repeatable project management processes
  4. Provide common supporting tools
  5. Ultimately, to improve levels of project success within the organisation

Building on the development and delivery of a successful Programme Office managing a full programme of technical cyber security audits for our Airbus parent organisation, Regency can now offer a proven service to deliver a specialist PMO.

Our skilled consultants come from a variety of diverse backgrounds including the full range of public and private sectors and all are able to apply their experience to your requirements and are supported by a team of personnel at our secure facility in Cheltenham.

We deliberately avoid using a “standard” one size fits all, methodology. Specific client situations, together with variations in organisational ethos and diversity in the type of Programme or Project all require different approaches. Our consultants understand these variables and will seek to discuss and agree the approach that will best meet client needs.

Increasingly, the activities that are being undertaken to achieve the change needed to meet business plan objectives are being managed as projects or programmes. However, we are also aware that effective delivery is as much about people as it is about applying proven methodologies, systems and processes.

If the business organisation does not possess the appropriately skilled resources in house, or cannot free them up from their day jobs to work on the project or programme, then bringing in a PMO to undertake these tasks can be a viable alternative.

We have the capability to provide three types of PMO frameworks:

  • Project or Programme Specific PMO
  • Project Support/Services/Controls PMO
  • Centre of Excellence/Centre of Competency PMO