Cyber Consultancy

Technology now permeates into every facet of our lives. Whether it is through traditional computers and tablets that form what we traditionally called Information Technology or the internet of things and the technology we take for granted in our kitchen, our manufacturing plants, the vehicles we travel in and the systems that direct our travel or just our kitchen the technology around us and the information it carries dominates our lives.

 Technology is now vital to the very wellbeing of our everyday lives and our national infrastructure relies on a vast array of equipment all controlled by technology. With that growth of hardware and software has unfortunately seen a parallel growth of malicious and criminal behaviour with viruses, ransomware, hacking increasing exponentially.

 Our Cyber Consultancy offering is divided into 3 primary teams;

  • our Governance, Risk and Compliance team, providing ISO27001, 9001 or GDPR compliance assistance, whether you are starting out on the road to initial certification or seeking re-certification, we can assist;
  • Our Technical Assessment Assurance team who can provide you with the confidence that your systems are protected from a variety of threat vectors by undertaking on your behalf detailed scrutiny of your network hardware, software etc and making recommendations to address what is identified; and finally
  • Our Operational Technology team, all specifically qualified in OT and who can provide assurance, guidance and support by way of specialist SOCs or specific OT risk assessments.

 Overarching all 3 of the information security teams you will find our Programme and Project Management team, providing PM support to our teams of IA consultants as they conduct a wide-ranging portfolio of tasks on your behalf.

 Whatever support you are looking for in helping secure your critical information assets we can help.