Vulnerability Analysis

Vulnerability analysis provides a quick mechanism to conduct external scans to identify potential vulnerabilities. Such tests are a pre-curser to a more in-depth penetration test and as they are carried out externally they are less intrusive. Whilst a vulnerability test will identify potential weak spots a penetration test is required to specify what data or information can be impacted and thus quantify the business risk.

We utilise a variety of industry tools, these use pre-scripted routines to conduct the tests enabling a very quick turnaround of service. Our customers often choose to undertake a vulnerability test before committing to a full penetration test.

Vulnerability tests are required for CE+ certification.

We have strict security controls on our tester systems and servers which all conform to the latest security standards. We are audited regularly by internal and external audits and have ISO 27001 accredited processes and controls around safeguarding a client’s sensitive data.

Regency is a CREST authorised Certification Body and conducts verification and technical testing in accordance with CREST methodology and guidelines. CREST is an international, not for profit, organisation that serves the needs of the technical information security marketplace that requires the services of a regulated professional services industry.