Operational Technology

What would happen if the systems supplying utilities to homes and businesses were subject to prolonged outage? What would the impact be if we could no longer commute to work or transport products efficiently using the rail network? How difficult would it become to order and pay for vital goods and services if online marketplaces were rendered unavailable?

Operational Technology (OT) is all around us and forms the core of our most important systems and services. OT describes the hardware and software used to detect and cause changes in the physical environment by directly monitoring and/or controlling processes, devices and events. The systems that provide the power to keep the lights on, supply clean water to homes and businesses, transport food to shops, and assist within the production environment all rely on OT.

As more of our business-critical systems are connected to communications networks and as connected OT becomes more pervasive (e.g. through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)), we open ourselves and our businesses up to the global online environment – where the threat from cyber-attack is wide ranging and rapidly evolving.

Regency IT Consulting has a dedicated OT Security Team with extensive experience of securing OT Systems and Services across many industry verticals. Our specialists fully understand the complex nature of OT and the environments in which it is designed to operate. Using innovative tools and techniques, our experts are uniquely positioned to help you:

  • Understand the threats to your business-critical systems
  • Prioritise investment in cyber security in the right areas
  • Define a business-wide approach to cyber security
  • Identify security risks and vulnerabilities within your operational environment
  • Protect your business by identifying and implementing proportionate and cost-effective security controls

Detect cyber-attacks within both IT and OT environments.