Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

In order to focus effort, resources and investment where they are needed most, you need to have an accurate and realistic picture of where your OT risks are greatest and an understanding of critical system dependencies.

We use a unique graphical toolset, developed through a partnership between Airbus and a leading university, which enables us to generate a dynamic model of your OT environment to accurately define and measure ICS security risk. The tool is also used to identify critical dependencies in complex systems of systems and demonstrate the impact of compromise of any constituent component or process. Our assessment approach can be fully tailored and scaled to focus on anything from a single process or a complete operational system and addresses all people, process and technology aspects.

Our Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Service will help you to:

  • Develop a threat assessment specific to your organisation
  • Categorise your OT systems and services
  • Identify and quantify OT risk
  • Select and implement proportionate security controls
  • Assess the efficacy of the deployed controls