The training courses offered by Regency, either solely or supported by our partners, are backed up by our highly experienced team of Information Assurance consultants, and can cover both IT and OT. With our very wide practical experience supporting both public and private sector clients, we will take full advantage of real life examples to bring impact and relevance to our training courses.

The courses delivered by Regency will help you to improve and maintain the security awareness of your whole user community and will support your IT, OT and security teams in understanding the whole range of requirements for information assurance. These can include, as needed, the whole gamut of Cyber Security, both technical and procedural; the impacts of personal data protection and GDPR; the application of standards such as ISO27001; the impact of outsourcing, cloud services and supply chain security; and finally your need to satisfy specific regulatory requirements – in short, to make sure that your users and IT staff are in the best possible position to provide proper assurance to your business through clear understanding of the whole security space in which they work.