Cyber for the Boardroom

Cyber security is a major issue for organisations. Every week the media is full of reports about organisations suffering attacks from a variety of sources. No-one is immune – from large organisations like the National Health Service (NHS), disrupted by Wannacry, to small & medium enterprises (SMEs) such as hairdressers suffering phishing and ransomware attacks. Organisations are also vulnerable to damage caused by the accidental or malicious activities of their own staff including sending data to the wrong address to deliberately stealing information and selling it for personal gain.

Coupled with increasing legislation, such as GDPR, the risk posed by cyber attacks cannot be ignored by the boardroom.

Regency IT Consulting, in conjunction with the Bristol Management Centre, has developed the Cyber in the Boardroom course, designed to introduce boardroom level executives and other senior managers to the basic concepts of cyber and information security.

This intensive one day awareness course, accredited by APMG International, is non-technical and designed to enable business executives to improve their understanding of the business critical issues of cyber and information security, the threats they face, their vulnerabilities and what can be done to mitigate the risks. Current opportunities and how to plan appropriate investment in line with risk appetite and tolerance are explained and the course informs delegates about cyber techniques and their real-world consequences.

Delegates will receive essential training on relevant current legislation and regulation they need to be aware of as well as options for insurance cover. In addition, delegates will learn and experience the methodologies that attackers adopt to breach security and exploit vulnerabilities.

The aim of the course is for delegates to leave with both an understanding of the strategic importance of cyber security, including the potential impacts on their business as well as to have a clear plan as to what needs to be in place to protect their business interests.