“Rewiring The Pentagon” – The New Cyber Security Strategy for the US Department of Defense

Over the past few weeks our focus on the General Election may have distracted attention sufficiently for some events in the outside world to have slipped past unnoticed.

One such might be the US Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, delivering a lecture, “Rewiring the Pentagon: Charting a New Path on Innovation and Cyber Security,” to an audience at Stanford University in Silicon Valley in California on April 23, 2015.

Carter’s presentation unveiled the recently published 2015 Cyber Security Strategy for the US Department of Defense (DoD). Continue reading ““Rewiring The Pentagon” – The New Cyber Security Strategy for the US Department of Defense”

Regency win contract to provide technical support services for UK MOD HOUSEKEEPER system

Regency ITC are pleased to announce that they have been successful in winning a further contract, continuing to provide UK MOD with Technical Project Contractor Support Services for the HOUSEKEEPER system operating in the deployed Operational environment. Continue reading “Regency win contract to provide technical support services for UK MOD HOUSEKEEPER system”

Regency win place on new MOD FATS D&E Framework

Regency has been successful in bidding for the Multi-Participant Framework Agreement for Technical Support – Design and Engineering let by the MoD.  This is the fifth iteration of the framework and is known as FATS D&E. It is available from April 2015 until March 2016 with potential for a 6 month extension. Continue reading “Regency win place on new MOD FATS D&E Framework”

Risk Balance Case – Balancing the risk of policy non-compliance.

Your business could have a mature Information Assurance infrastructure with a well-practised Information Security policy, or it may be in its infancy where your information security policy is still being defined. In either case you will need to have a process in place for situations where you may have dictated an area of policy, but where one-off occurrences/events make it too difficult to justify its enforcement. Continue reading “Risk Balance Case – Balancing the risk of policy non-compliance.”

Case Study – Ministry of Defence Project BLANC

Regency IT Consulting provides consulting services to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to investigate Battlefield Legacy and New Capabilities (BLANC) on behalf of the Defence Information Infrastructure (DII) Integration Project Team (IPT).

Case Study - Ministry of Defence - Project BLANC (142 downloads)

Case Study – Environment Agency’s CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

Regency IT Consulting provided CLAS and Information Assurance Support to SciSys in the delivery of an online application to support the Environment Agency’s CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) Energy Efficiency Scheme.

The Challenge

To assist the accreditation process by producing a structured RMADS (Risk Management Accreditation Document Set) for a new Environment Agency system. To advise and gather and collate information from multiple organisations, including the Agency and separate application and hosting Suppliers.

How Regency IT Consulting Helped

Regency provided an experienced CLAS Consultant to produce the RMADS for CRC. He worked closely with the Application Supplier Project Manager and Staff, the hosting provider Staff and the Environment Agency’s Accreditor and Security Staff to gather information, provide advice and produce the CRC structured RMADS.
The RMADS was produced in line with the latest HMG Information Assurance Standard No 2. This included carrying out a technical risk assessment in line with HMG Information Assurance Standard No. 1 Parts 1 & 2, documenting compliance with the Security Policy Framework Minimum Mandatory Measures, addressing ISO27001 controls, producing Security Operating Procedures and Terms of Reference, as well as all the supporting documentation required to support the accreditation process.

Value delivered

Our Consultant worked closely with the SciSys CRC Project Manager and was able to deliver all aspects of the RMADS within required time frames. He also assisted the Project Manager in meetings with the Customer, carried out physical security surveys of all key areas and provided advice to both Supplier’s Staff. Our Consultant also had ample experience of producing RMADS to the very latest Standards and was therefore able to deliver a product meeting with the Environment Agency’s Accreditor and Security Staff’s expectations.


David Blamire-Brown, SciSys CRC Project Manager, said: “Regency’s consultant definitely delivered on the promise to work in partnership with us. He brought a deep understanding of the applicable Information Security standards and prepared a deliverable that was recognised by our customer as being of especially high quality. Work was always delivered to agreed deadlines and communication was consistently clear and effective. Regency has been professional and flexible throughout and consequently we have chosen, without hesitation, to work with them on other assignments.”

Case Study - Environment Agency CRC Engergy Efficient Scheme (107 downloads)


Reasons to Sanitise

Is it time to consider purchasing some new PC hardware? What about the old ones? Can you sell them on to recoup some of the cost of the new ones? Oh but what about the data (client, employee, corporate, sensitive, patient, prisoner, classified, etc)? Can you just Delete and then Empty the Recycle Bin…? Continue reading “Reasons to Sanitise”