Top Tips on Human Training

Despite an increased awareness about cyber threats among the general population, hackers continue to prey on people because they believe them to be the weakest link in an organisation’s security. Continue reading “Top Tips on Human Training”

Regency ISO27001 Certified Again

We are again extremely pleased to announce that, as of 12th April 2018, Regency IT Consulting maintained its ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for another year. Continue reading “Regency ISO27001 Certified Again”

Why Cyber Security is the New Health & Safety for Industrial Control Systems

Many people view the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 as unnecessary and burdensome, but its introduction has had a dramatic impact on reducing accidents in the workplace, particularly within industrial settings.  Continue reading “Why Cyber Security is the New Health & Safety for Industrial Control Systems”

The Rise of the Botnets – don’t be a victim

The Rise of the Botnets – don’t be a victim

The UK National Trading Standards agency (NTS) have released a report detailing the risks to consumers around the new trend for smart and connected devices around the house. These are becoming more prevalent in many everyday devices, for example, TVs, fridges, lights, thermostats and voice-activated home assistants. They are often referred to as Internet of Things, or IoT.
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Is a Truly Secure Computer Actually Possible?

I was once told by an old boss of mine, that the only way in which you could ever truly secure a computer was to encase it in concrete and drop it in the Mariana Trench.[1]   I guess at some 11,000 metres (approximately 7 miles) deep, that’s as about as secure as you could ever get it.
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Ransomware & Industrial Control Systems: Never the twain shall meet – until now!

If ransomware infects and encrypts a device you might swap it out for another device, but Andrew Cooke explains, if HMI devices get infected, unplugging equipment isn’t always feasible, so the critical thing has to be prevention.
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Reviews and Reputation

It’s as old as the hills – from market stalls in ancient Greece to online shops, the technique of drumming up business by getting people to pretend to buy goods in order to encourage others to buy these goods. Or paying people to bad mouth the competition and to rave about certain products. Continue reading “Reviews and Reputation”

Ignorance is not a recognised risk mitigation

Risk, the possibility of something happening or not which will affect your business, infrastructure, data, security, work force etc, either negatively or positively. That’s not a classical definition, by any stretch of the imagination from any Risk Management Manuals I’ve ever read, but it’s a definition that holds water in my opinion. It can be shortened further to ‘something that may happen, that will affect your business’.
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Another Targeted Malware Attack

It has been widely reported that the popular system optimisation tool CCleaner has been the subject of a security breach where the download servers were hacked and rogue software was embedded into the distributable file. Continue reading “Another Targeted Malware Attack”

Cyber Security for Connected and Automated Vehicles

We are hearing in the news more and more stories that the next generation of connected and autonomous vehicles are right around the corner. The benefits these vehicles could bring to society are very attractive – greater economy; increased safety; reductions in congestion are just a few of the things we could look forward to. Continue reading “Cyber Security for Connected and Automated Vehicles”

Maritime – Is the board ready for the not so “new” pirate?

The need to recognise the potential risk and prioritise cyber security at board level was indicated by the Deputy Director for loss preventions, North P&I Club, when talking to the maritime world[1].
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GDPR -The New Millennium Bug?

I was recently told, after running through the offerings of Regency to a colleague on my client’s site, “Oh, you offer GDPR? Isn’t that just making shed loads of money like all the new computer consultancy companies did in 1999, leading up to the biggest fraud of the century, selling patches for the ‘didn’t happen’ Millennium Bug?” Continue reading GDPR -The New Millennium Bug?”