Protecting Modern Manufacturing from Modern Cyber Risks

The whole concept of Industry 4.0 is one of  “super-connected plants” with product and service on demand and instant access to real time data. The principle it embodies include the creation of interoperable manufacturing environments, integrated sales and delivery data sets, real time plant management data and remote and autonomous service and maintenance management. It is the embodiment of the future that was imagined in the science fiction of the seventies and eighties.

However with this all connected, autonomous and self managed industry environment come a set of risks and threats and the potential for system breakdown that the same science fictional world relied on for its story lines. Continue reading “Protecting Modern Manufacturing from Modern Cyber Risks”

It’s Your Data: Look After It.

‘Can you name a city that doesn’t have a Y in it?’ ‘Can you spell your mother’s maiden name with no vowels.’ Continue reading “It’s Your Data: Look After It.”

NIS Directive – 9th May is the Starting Point, not the Finishing Line.

The forthcoming NIS Directive is being studied keenly by Operators of Essential Services across the UK to understand the impact on their business. Whilst it does not have the same public attention as the more wide-ranging GDPR (another piece of EU cyber security legislation coming into force in May) NIS-D is of vital importance to the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure. Continue reading “NIS Directive – 9th May is the Starting Point, not the Finishing Line.”

Regency ISO27001 Certified Again

We are again extremely pleased to announce that, as of 12th April 2018, Regency IT Consulting maintained its ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for another year. Continue reading “Regency ISO27001 Certified Again”

For 3rd Year Running, Regency’s MD Supports Brother in the Yukon Quest

Over a three week period in February, having vowed last March “Never Again!!” Regency’s MD and Airbus head of Cyber Consultancy, Andrew Cooke, headed back out to Canada to support his brother Rob as he took part in the gruelling 1,000 mile, internationally renowned, sled dog race. Continue reading “For 3rd Year Running, Regency’s MD Supports Brother in the Yukon Quest”

Components of Information Risk

Risk is a combination of three main component factors:

  • Asset – The starting point for any information risk is the asset – information asset examples can range from an A4 paper sheet containing a single business concept to a  complex internet-based network architecture employed to process your entire business data;
  • Threat – Next is the threat to your information assets, whether in human form from malice or accident, or from natural hazards; and,
  • Vulnerability – Finally, the vulnerability that all information assets carry; paper documents, if not appropriately filed may be easily misplaced for example. On the other hand an internet-based network can often be hacked without user knowledge.

Through further analysis of each of these main component factors measurable values can be determined to assist in business – including cost-based – risk-management decisions.

Please read our Flyer for more information on this topic.

Flyer - Components of Information Risk (318 downloads)