HM Government Warns Industry of Cyber Threat

On Monday 21st August 2017, Sky News ran a story that many UK firms were still oblivious to the very real cyber threat out there.

HM Government warned that despite the recent cyber-attacks on the NHS (WannaCry in May for example) the UKs top companies and charities were ignorant of the threat and not taking any proactive steps to mitigate the risk.

The article further states that though more than 50% of board members accept cyber threats are a top risk to their business, worryingly more than 65% of them have done nothing to address it. 

The Government are considering bringing in legislation with the powers to impose large fines, £17m or 4% of global turnover, for firms who provide energy, transport and health services, that have failed to invest in cyber defences. This isn’t just about Information Technology (IT), the data, the records, the customer details etc, but is also about Operational Technology (OT), the computer systems that keep the power stations online, the computer systems that keep the production lines running, the computer systems that keep the operating theatres in hospitals online, in effect the computer systems that keep the UKs critical infrastructure alive.

This isn’t about the 12 year old in his bedroom hacking, this is organised (on a national scale in some cases), planned and funded cyber terrorism and the UK needs to wake up to the very real threat. A young Englishman managed to shut down the WannaCry attack in May because he was able to register the domain. The bad guys won’t make that mistake again. Are you ready for their second go?

The Sky News article can be found here

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