ICO Fines Approach £2m

The Information Commissioners Officer (ICO) has fined local UK councils almost two million pounds for breaching the Data Protection Act. Council after Council have continued to play ‘loose and fast’ with sensitive personal data, either through ignorance or Laissez-faire attitudes. In November 2012, Leeds City Council was fined £95,000 after sensitive personal data of vulnerable children was inadvertently sent to an external address after the reusing of an envelope. Full details of the ICO final penalty notice can be read here. Also in November 2012, Plymouth City Council was fined £60,000 when information concerning child protection matters was inadvertently passed to the wrong recipient. Full details of the ICO final penalty notice on this case can be found here. In December 2012, the London Borough of Lewisham was fined £70,000 after a social worker left sensitive documents in a shopping bag on a busy commuter train. The full ICO penalty notice can be found here. The ICO website, www.ico.org.uk has further examples of this shocking attitude to personal data by, not only City Councils, Local Councils, Central Government and business businesses.

We at Regency IT Consulting take the handling and management of all of our data, and your data, seriously; with the Company being ISO27001 certified, and undergoing annual inspections to ensure continued compliance, in our daily routines, we know what it takes to assure all manner of data; we practice what we preach.

ISO27001 encompasses good practice giving both clients and suppliers the confidence to trust an organisation with the safe-keeping of their information. It ensures organisations keep important information safe and secure, it further demonstrates that regulatory and contractual requirements regarding data security, privacy and IT governance are met. Certification and compliance with this benchmark of quality demonstrates due diligence and provides key stakeholders with information about IT management policies, standards, procedures and practices to ensure all security aspects are both considered and met.

Our team of highly experienced, qualified CLAS Consultants, Accreditors, Programme & Project Managers can bring to you the same “assurance through excellence” that we pride ourselves on within Regency.

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