Phishing emails are the cyber-crime equivalent of trying door handles

Last week Regency attended the inaugural ACPO Cyber Crime Conference in Nottingham. During the day there was a range of presentations from the National Crime Agency, the Home Office, Action Fraud, Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) and Martin Surl as Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire.

As the presentations progressed throughout the day it became apparent that whilst progress is being made nationally through the Serious and Organised Crime Strategy, with regards to recording cyber-crimes and developing the capacity to pursue the worst offenders, there is still very limited capacity and capability to provide a strong response to cyber-crime on a broader basis. During the various presentations and the panel sessions that followed much emphasis was placed on supporting both citizens and businesses in preventing cyber-crime from being perpetrated and the role that schemes such as Cyber Streetwise and Cyber Essentials can play.

During one of the panel sessions Regency compared phishing emails to somebody trying door handles to enquire of the panel how they were looking to address the precursors to offences beyond cyber-crime prevention. The crux of the response from the panel was that currently prevention is the focus of existing funding because they view it as the area where they can get maximum return for their investment.

In practice currently there is no public service response to cyber-criminals testing your metaphorical door handles, you will only get a response if they have success. On this basis you either need to make certain that your metaphorical door is always locked or look to the services of commercial providers to help prevent cyber-criminals from reaching it in the first place. As a company large or small Cyber Essentials can help you to ensure your basic defences are robust. If you need advice tailored to your business, assurance for more complex systems or help implementing cyber-crime defences Regency can help. You can contact us by email or call us on 01242 225699.