Regency Attends IA10

Regency consultants attended this year’s Government’s Information Assurance Event (IA10) in force. Our stand at the event attracted many visitors, providing them with information on our consultancy and managed services.
Under the ‘Cyber Network Defence’ stream, Andrew Beckett delivered a well received workshop in partnership with Portcullis that focused on detecting and preventing network attacks. The workshop delivered a walk-through scenario of a typical intrusion, how forensic readiness can be implemented and how protective monitoring can alert analysts to an intrusion by showing the types of activity which will typically be seen following an incident.
Our CLAS consultants also actively participated in the ‘Shared Services Risk Management’, ‘Cyber-Network Defence’ and ‘People Culture & Professionalisation’ Stream Sessions and a workshop focused on delivering a strong corporate risk culture.

With the focus in Government firmly fixed on Octobers budget announcements, departments already know that they will be presented with the dilemma of providing ‘more with less’ and as such will be looking to expand on and buy into existing and emerging shared services and cloud computing across the Government infrastructure. Shared services also requires a shared risk and the need to trust your partners’ in risk; Regency understand that to provide IA across a shared service with limited and reduced budgets, the focus has to be on ‘do it once, do it really well and do it in a manner that can be re-used if necessary’, but above all, provide IA solutions and risk management that can be trusted and relied upon by all service partners’.
The Professionalism stream focused on the work in hand to define the security roles and skills that will be required for the forthcoming iCLAS scheme. Regency have been working closely with CESG as part of the CLAS Forum Training and Skills Working Group, developing the proposals for the new structure that is being finalised in time for the scheme launch. The stream also looked at the need to maintain professionalism and an alert security culture even in the face of a downturn and impending cutbacks. The experienced Regency team have much experience in the leadership and inter-personal skills needed to achieve this and have advised our clients in how to achieve a positive culture and reduce the associated risks.
By attending and participating at IA10 Regency will ensure its focus is firmly fixed on providing cost effective Information Assurance Consultancy and Managed Encryption & Protective Monitoring Services to Government departments.