Regency MD Tells Sky News’ Adam Boulton, “Cyber Threat is Not James Bond”

Following the publication of the Defence Select Committee report on Cybersecurity on the 9th January, Regency MD Mr Andrew Beckett was interviewed on BBC 5 Live breakfast news and Sky lunchtime news for reaction and comment on the report.

In a Cassidian press release, Andrew said “We welcome the report which highlights the need to address the issue of effective, rapid and orchestrated cyber defences.  However the report stops short of calling for greater pressure to be placed on the international community to create a common response policy to events in cyberspace, which is of paramount importance when cyber attacks do not recognise national boundaries.  There is no current legislation to facilitate the prosecution of cyber crime. If an attacker sits in the Ukraine and attacks a server in Texas to gain control and mount another attack on a UK organisation then whose jurisdiction does the crime fall under? Who can prosecute it and under which law? There is currently no extradition treaty and no agreements in place for the exchange of evidence which means that criminals are able to operate with impunity.  The UK Government’s greater involvement with the NATO Cyber-Defence Centre of Excellence has been slow and the UK now needs to move quickly to position itself as the leader in this area that it should be, based on our national capabilities”.

Mo Stevens, UK CEO of Cassidian responded to the SC report with “Cassidian has worked with UK Government Standards bodies and Agencies within MOD and CESG to ensure the most effective policies and processes are implemented for the overall security of the MOD networks.  Cassidian is completely engaged with UK MOD in ongoing work to refine and improve contingency measures in the event of a major cyber attack.  However the report acknowledges that cyber space is a “complex and rapidly changing environment” and there is no room for complacency.  There needs to be continued investment in research and Government-sponsored collaboration opportunities to ensure the leading cybersecurity players share knowledge and experiences.”.