UK launch of Cassidian CyberSecurity

On 26th September, Regency MD Mr Andrew Beckett along with colleagues from Cassidian CyberSecurity, attended the UK launch of Cassidian CyberSecurity at the Swiss Re building in London hosted by Mr Bob Allan, UK CEO of Cassidian CyberSecurity.

Over 170 invited senior guests from industry, government and the military attended the reception at which Mr Allan reinforced Cassidian’s commitment to addressing the Cyber threat – drawing on its experience from over 15 years of developing systems to challenge the threat that has no boundaries and is recognised in the UK as being a tier 1 threat to National Security.

He said that Cassidian is a key player in this area, and is challenging the threat in a variety of ways, including implementing trusted infrastructure, consultancy, and training, as well as developing secure mobile devices. For further details of Cassidian’s cyber capabilities visit