What can our Security Assurance Coordinator do for you?

A suitably experienced and dedicated Security Assurance Coordinator (SAC) working with you can be the difference between your IT project being delivered on time, achieving compliance, accreditation and operating within a defined acceptable level of risk; as opposed to being delayed through a lack of understanding in areas of compliance, risk and design vulnerabilities, ultimately adding late design review costs and unacceptable levels of risk.
Within Regency IT Consulting we have the skills, knowledge and experience to offer both public and private sector business areas with the services of dedicated SACs. Our SACs provide projects with advice and guidance on all aspects of Cyber Security, Information Assurance, Threat, Risk, Vulnerability and Criticality assessments, Risk Management and Accreditation services and support. 
Our SACs take a holistic approach to you project security requirements and are trained and well versed in technical, physical, procedural and personnel security requirements. 
Examples of aspects of assurance coordinated by our SACs include:

Privacy (completion of Privacy Impact Assessments when required)
Compliance with HMG policy, UK and EU legislation
Cryptographic applications and management 
Penetration testing (scoping, witnessing of development and live system testing)
Management of the security risk portfolio (including risk register and treatment of risk)
 Accreditation support, review and authorisation of documentation including Risk Management and Accreditation Document Sets (RMADS).

To find out how Regency IT Consulting can help your business with the provision of services that an SAC can offer please contact us via the website or on 01242 225699.